A Little Background

George Daniel Crump, Jr. was born on the 22 of June in 1984 in Fort Worth, Texas along with three brothers and a sister. He went to Everman High School and graduated in 2002. While there he played football his freshman year but felt more passionate about band and decided to pursue music more than sports. His main background in music stems from a strong Religious background and it shows in his playing. After graduating high school he went into the US Navy for four years and after getting out in 2006 he returned to TX and picked his horn back up. Since, he has played at many churches and several venues in Texas, Georgia  and in Louisiana. He currently plays for Believers International Church in Arlington, TX.  and continues to get better and better. He is very humble and gives everything to God because without Him, he believes nothing is possible. He writes music in many different genres and also does some track productions. Aside from the sax, George also plays the keyboard, drums, flute and also has a B.S. in Exercise Science with a minor in Psychology. George is producing the majority of the tracks for his songs on his upcoming album entitled, "In My Soul," which attempts to take you on a journey of his life through music. It includes several gospel jazz songs, contemporary smooth jazz and some neo-soul type grooves as well. George is passionate about his music but especially about his family. He has a wife and four children and actually has two songs on the album that he wrote for his wife and one that was written for his wife and children. George embodies a strong belief in love and in how love can bring changes in anyone's situation. With his music he hopes to ease pain and frustration in such hard times and use his gift to soothe the soul....

crump family

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